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As the parent level organization, the CLH Group Team provide strategic planning, financing, acquisition & life cycle support services, management consulting, subject matter expertise, construction management, and operations management to our portfolio companies and strategic partners serving governments, defense contractors, large fleet operators, and large industrial companies that need the support of an agile, capable partner in remote and austere locations around the globe. 


We provide these services to enable our clients to realize their economic and political aspirations. 


By providing these services in a cost–sensitive, timely, and efficient manner and by adding value to our clients’ organizations at every opportunity, we’re building CLHG to be a preferred partner and world class provider of these core services in our target markets.



The CLH Team consistently and continually works to establish and strengthen our relationships, focusing on a small group of strategic partners and governmental agencies as the path to market.  The single most important lever we use for developing these relationships is a relentless pursuit of operational excellence in all aspects of the business. 


We are cultivating and expanding our existing relationships that provide access to capital markets and focus on enhancing those networks over time. Our markets, opportunities, and execution are all planned and managed to provide exceptional returns to those who trust us with their capital and critical assets.


Finally, we seek out and recruit the most qualified candidates throughout the industry for each CLH position. Employee retention is a strategic advantage and priority foremost in the mind of each member of the senior management team.  We’ve designed the compensation, benefits, and work environment to make the CLH Team one of the country’s employers of choice for talented people in the industry and market sectors we serve.


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