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Specialized Services

Across its three primary sectors, CLHG, has established focused business units to provide a number of specialized services, including:


→  Energy Transmission, Telecom/Data/Internet infrastructure protection;

→  Design, engineering & installation of electromagnetic shielding & mitigation;

→  On-site & remote monitoring and access control for large scale facilities;

→  Remote monitoring and 3-D mapping of grid infrastructure & remote terrain;

→  Maritime facility and offshore infrastructure security;

→  Military/commercial aviation finance, operations & life-cycle support;

→  Aircraft sensor installation & systems integration;

→  Fleet management & life cycle support for land-based military & commercial vehicles;

→  Remote facility and camp building, operations management & on-going logistics support; and

→  Other security and defense related engineering, component fabrication, & secure

      transport/logistics services.



Where to Find Us:

CLH Group, LLC

3525 Piedmont Road

7 Piedmont Center

Suite 300

Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Phone: +1 678.592.0578


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