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CLH Group, LLC

Tailored Customer Approach

The CLH Team provides our customers with insight and unique, bespoke solutions for their complex and evolving needs.


Our C–level management team members average 30+ years of experience supporting the US Government, its allies, and commercial concerns around the globe.  From the beginning, this management team has created a Culture of Excellence in planning, execution, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. 


Our senior leadership insist upon being close to every part of the business and every customer engagement.  This insistence on a disciplined, hands–on leadership style from the highest level of the firm and throughout the organization drives the Culture of Excellence.


This culture, along with our team of world class industry expertise, plans and orchestrates focused service offerings tailored to fit our customers’ evolving needs, budgets, and schedules.  In addition to our own team of seasoned professionals, we access a robust, existing network of subcontractors, vendors, and partners available at a moment’s notice.


Where to Find Us:

CLH Group, LLC

3525 Piedmont Road

7 Piedmont Center

Suite 300

Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Phone: +1 678.592.0578


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