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National CIKA Threats


Critical Infrastructures face a variety of potential existential, operational, and economically damaging threats, such as:


HEMP / CME Solar Storm –“Carrington” Event

Localized EMP/HIRF Weaponization

Radiological Contamination / “Dirty Bomb”

Other Physical Attacks / Terrorism

Cyber Warfare / Cyber Terrorism

Eco–Terrorism / Environmental Vandalism

Natural Disasters

Regional Warfare / Population Displacement

Piracy / Organized Criminal Activity

Civil Disobedience / Rioting


These threats can come from many sources, such as: terrorists and other organized extremists; rouge governments; geopolitical events, organized crime and, the least controllable, nature.


Many of these threats are evolving in technique and scope and are unique to 21st Century life and technologies and geopolitical factors.


Dealing with CIKA threats requires significant management focus, organization, coordination, and a deep understanding of the global playing field.


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