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What is a Nation's Critical Infrastructure?


US National Critical Infrastructure and Key Asset (CIKA) Priorities:


Level 1:  Essential Backbone Services

          (Cascade Risks)

Electric Power Stations / Electrical Transmission Grid

Telecommunications / Wireless Grid

Internet Backbone / Network Server Grid

Petroleum / Natural Gas Terminals / Pipeline Grid


Level 2:  Essential Emergency Response/Recovery Resources

          (Survivability Risks)

Healthcare Facilities / First Responder Communications Networks

First Responder C2 and Transportation Assets

Fresh Water Production / Treatment Systems

Food Production Facilities and Distribution Networks

Ports, Intermodal and Regional Transportation/Distribution Hubs

Civil Air Transportation Networks


Level 3:  High Economic Value – Immediate Impact

Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Production Distribution

Petrochemical & Natural Gas Production Facilities

Population / Commercial Centers

Financial Markets / Trading Networks

Large Corporate Campuses / High–Rise Buildings

High–Tech / Nanotechnology Manufacturing


Level 4:  High Economic Value – Intermediate & Longer Term Impact

Steel / Aluminum / Copper Production & Refining

Other Commodity Extraction & Production

Universities and Key Scientific Research Facilities

Durable Goods Production Facilities


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