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Global Customer Reach

The CLH Team brings significant experience to bear working with the following client base:


      ●  U.S. DoD, DoS, DoE, DoI & FEMA

      ●  Other U.S. Federal, State and Local Governmental Agencies

      ●  U.S. & International Defense & Security Contractors

      ●  International Construction Companies

      ●  Foreign Governments

      ●  Utility Companies and Related CIKA Contractors

      ●  Telecommunications Infrastructure Owners

      ●  Internet Backbone/Network Server Farm Owners/Operators

      ●  Oil, Gas & Extractives Companies

      ●  Universities & High Tech Research Institutions

      ●  Other CIKA Owners/Operators

      ●  NGO’s and other International Relief Organizations


Where to Find Us:

CLH Group, LLC

3525 Piedmont Road

7 Piedmont Center

Suite 300

Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Phone: +1 678.592.0578


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